Aim to Make Sense of Economics

Aim’s Economics is a lifestyle blog that aims to incorporate economics into your daily life and also help you understand about economic theory in a fun, inspiring, and relatable way. Before I became passionate about economics I thought it was the most boring and irrelevant subject in the world, and it was definitely not something I wanted to pursue at university. Then, I had an awesome professor who taught macro-economics my first semester and I was hooked. There were other things going on in my life at the time that I was unprepared for: unemployment, debt, limited supply, and the need for efficiency – just to list a few things. For the first time, I realized that economics was not something that only existed in Washington DC or on the television. Economics and it’s effects were part of my daily experience and it helped me cope with a really difficult time in my life. There is math, and politics in economics, but there’s also game theory and opportunity cost – which are VERY useful in everyday life.

So take some time and explore this blog. If you’re wondering how to make economics personal click on Life. There I will focus on personal improvement opportunities and the reward for looking at yourself as not just a brand (as everyone loves to say) but a market. You have something to offer at a cost, let’s make that cost higher. Or let’s say you’d rather apply focus on tangible things outside your brain, click on Style. When I talk about style I might try something new in fashion, beauty, or fitness and apply economics to it. Finally, if you want to know the academic knowledge behind everything click on Progress. I’ll talk about micro and macro (maybe help you pass that final exam), analysis, behavior, economic books, movies (A Beautiful Mind).

Again, I want to make this fun and intriguing for you! If there’s something you want to see or learn about here, don’t hesitate to contact me! Follow me on my social media for daily tidbits!