Potential, Economics, and Texas

Regular, economic centered posts will resume tomorrow but today I think it’s important to recognize the victims in Texas. I don’t want to make their lives another statistic, or another political drop in the hat and I wish especially to refrain from doing that as everything so easily becomes political these days.

I heard a spiritual quote last week that I would like to paraphrase as best I can: “If one man kills another, it is like he has killed all of humanity; and if one man saves another, then it as if he has saved the whole of humanity.”

There were 26 people that died because of one man’s actions Sunday, their ages ranged from unborn, to 17 months to 77 years old. Truth be told, this man had the potential to kill, he also had the potential to not, and all of the people there Sunday that died all had lives full of potential in front of them. At this point, I’m wondering about what their potential was. For the older victims they could have influenced the generations below them; for the parents and workers who go out into the economy everyday, they were potentially making the world a better place; and for the youngest, they had every potential in the world. The reason why I shared the quote above is because I’m thinking of the youngest that died. Each one of us has a mind with the potential to change the world we live in, and when one mind dies, there’s a whole story of a humanity that could have been that goes down with it. Every mind has the potential to add something great, even to our economy, especially to our economy. Sometimes one person is all it takes to initiate change, now there are 26 people gone that could have done that, that’s 26 less chances to change the world, and it’s 26 less pairs of hands that get to build it, and it’s 26 less pairs of eyes to witness the potential beauty of humanity. It’s heartbreaking, honestly.

I don’t wish to reduce these people down to numbers, because they should always be more than a number.

Texas, we are with you.

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