How I Chose Economics

Plans and I don’t work out. See, my original plan was to go to school for an international business and marketing degree, open up a Japanese anime store in the US, it was going to be named Kibou (hope) and that was going to be my path to success. My other plan was to get through school, work on my career, and not think about men seriously until I was 28 and not get married until after 30. Yeah, that didn’t work out either seeing as I’m in Japan right now in my SO’s room and I’m 22 years old.

Yep. Plans. Love them.

Make them, then they get all screwed up. Instead of a plan, let’s have courses of action for when life screws us over, okay?

My first semester at university I was enrolled in macroeconomics, it was a prerequisite and I was absolutely terrified of the class. To me economics was where politics and mathematics met in a bar for a few drinks and ended up on the next day’s newspaper headlines where they either saved the world or fucked it up. I had allowed myself to be told over the years that I wasn’t good at math and that economics was for the people in Washington to decide. For me, it was stuff that didn’t really effect me, it didn’t have much concrete contact with my life. But at the time that I had this macroeconomics class I was facing some of the hardest challenges that I’ve ever had in my life. I’m still facing them.

In our modern society, and especially living in a first world country, there is an extremely odd feeling when you’re surrounded by wealth and you’re counting pennies. It’s this great juxtaposition between the student that sits next to you not worrying about school payments and you who is still trying to buy books, find books, give blood to get books. Economics for me bridges the gap between feelings of helplessness and having not only the tools and methods to help but also the words to describe in a black and white way the differences that the lower socioeconomic groups experience. Economics takes the emotion out of situation and allows us to analyze it with a clear head.

I chose economics as a way to deal with the hardest portion of my life, and because I want to use it someday to help other people.

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