10 Things that make Aims happy

  1. A good thunderstorm. I’m currently sitting in Fukuoka, Japan and it’s 2AM and I can’t sleep because of a Mt. Fuji sized weight on my chest, because life is … life, and adulting is harder than expected. But I expect that at some point tonight I’ll have the rain to thank for my peaceful slumber.
  2. Soft hair at the front of my head. I like being able to run my fingers through silky strands of my own hair. Even if I accomplished nothing else that day, or if  life feels like shit, then at least I was able to successfully wash my hair. There will be a story on this later.
  3. Marinated tomatoes. My healthy potato chips. they simultaneously help me feel like a boss and provide an alter ego to my addiction. It’s 2AM and there are potato chips in the room, but I can’t eat them because my boyfriend is sleeping and he has work tomorrow.
  4. Salt and vinegar potato chips. Or lime potato chips. Enough said.
  5. My boyfriend. Future fiancé, future husband, partner, significant other, I don’t want to use the words soul mate because it’s just so fucking cliché, but he’s the spoon stirrer for the deeper parts of my soul, but that’s too much for casual conversation. Plus, he’s so much like a cat, and his smile is infectious. I have to tickle him just to see that smile.
  6. My cats. My Madonna cat and my old snoring cat. I miss them so much right now. There’s a being in this world that communicates to me without words and sees me and loves me for just me. Even though it can’t understand any of my likes or  quirks.
  7. Making gestures with no words as a way to test the people who love me. If I look at your cup of water and then at you and back at the cup of water, give me your drink. This is the natural law when you love me, and when I love you.
  8. Noticing everything about the people I love. I try to notice everything, that certain face when their eyebrow twitches, or the corner of the mouth turns down. I want to know everything about you.
  9. My mom, because she knows me better than I know myself; because she’s always been strong for me; because she’s always taught me to chase my dreams.
  10. Economics and dreaming about ways that I could leave some sort of mark on this world. Dreaming in general helps me to deal with today and the soul crushing moments that come with living. Dreaming helps with dealing with shit. Dreams are bubbles in the ocean, and pockets of air in submerged caves.

This post is part of a 30 day blogging challenge I’ve set for myself. I’m new to the blogging thing, but I do have things I want to share with you. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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