Feel It, Before Looking It

What makes us healthy? I see so many opinions on social media about this, and most of it just seems to be bashing whatever opposes your opinion. No matter your shape or size, healthy is a different level for everybody. This part of the blog will be dedicated to being healthy and general body positivity and feeling good about yourself.

Yes, I’m going to talk about diets, but they’re not for the sole purpose of losing weight. I want to feel healthy and my healthy ‘look’ is going to be different from your healthy ‘look’, because we are all so diverse and have so many different body types and hormone levels. The number on a scale should not be the goal, and really neither should the clothes. Those are things on the outside of you. One of my goals is to walk a couple of flights of stairs without feeling winded, because let’s face it, as a college student, I’m often sprinting to class. It’s just going to be a fact of life in the coming months and I can’t stand elevators. Those things are so freaking slow.

I want to talk about food, and here’s where the first obvious application of economics comes in; how much does the food I eat cost? Can I save money by cooking at home? What are the other health benefits? I want to make delicious, healthy, better than restaurant food.

Let’s make fitness fun and beat our personal bests, whether that’s lifting five pounds, 30, or 50. Let’s feel good about ourselves. I want to share body positivity at any level. We shouldn’t care about the size of each other, let’s only build each other up. It’s ridiculous on both sides to see skinny bodies bash curvy, and for curvy bodies to bash skinny. That doesn’t get us anywhere. I for one, want to be healthy first, everything else comes second.

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