Happy New Year’s everyone! It’s a new year, so obviously one of my goals is to be better about blogging, really, I’m going to try. I want to write about economics, especially, but not in the whole “white academic tower,” way, because that’s not interesting to a lot of people. It’s interesting to me, because that’s my degree, but only a portion of this blog will be dedicated to graphy economical stuff. The rest of it will definitely be more of a lifestyle focus, and how we can apply economics to that. Because application is so much more fun that research.

For most people.

For me, I like thinking and researching. Application is a challenge for me. But that’s one of my goals in 2017. I want to be better at applying myself to my goals. It’s great and wonderful to have dreams, they’re useful. I remember in high school I had an art project where I wrote, “Dreams are the basis of our humanity.” (Please don’t judge, lol)

Anyways, the goal is to have goals, attainable, measurable, SMART goals. Who else knows that acronym? I think it’s like, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely or something like that.

I feel like I’ve gone off topic, but I’m going to be clear (as I can be, it’s difficult sometimes) I want to write this blog like I’m talking to you. It’s definitely a part of the plan to make economics more approachable for everyone. I want this to be a discussion, which means I really encourage comments. Let’s start talking, and yes, changing the world. Our history should not be wrote by governments and unreachable advisors, we should be a part of it, not apart from it.

Is that a little heavy?

Until next time, keep aiming!

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