An Open Letter for the President Elect

I really want to talk about economics, but I’m going to use my time right now and reflect on the past 48 hours.

I’ve been trying to come to terms with my feelings over the election. I didn’t vote – which I know will make a lot of people mad – I was considering it even two hours before the polls closed, but I thought that Clinton would probably win, and even if Trump did win I still thought, he’ll have advisors, it’s a check and balance system, I shouldn’t take a president personally. They’re there to lead, not to have tea with me.

Then I saw the votes roll in, and the states get called red, and I started to go oh shit. Why couldn’t I have realized my own fear sooner? Why didn’t I just go to the polls? Even if/though it wouldn’t have changed anything, I know I would have voted for Hillary Clinton.

I’ve watched my friends post on social media over the past 48 hours and admired their strength and resolution – both democrat and republican. I don’t want to spread anymore hate, but I want to let my friends know I’m there for them, even though I didn’t go to vote.


An Open Letter, to our president elect:

 Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on the election, I truly hope that you will carry the burden of being everybody’s president with the honor and respect it deserves. I would ask you to not hesitate to call on your numerous soon to be advisors, and to hear unbiasedly both sides of an argument, and to always consider the people that you represent of the country that you run. Our current president and Secretary Clinton have asked for a peaceful transition of power, and I think that it is my duty as an American citizen to respect my leaders’ wishes. We need to come together, listen to each other, and work together.

But I am afraid, for my friends; for myself; for my international classmates. Your rhetoric during the campaign was taking seriously, and extreme by a few of our fellow citizens, and they’re starting to act on it. Men have said if their president can grab a woman’s pussy, so can they. A woman has told a young Muslim woman to hang herself with her hijab. It took a few great men to make this country great, and I fear it will only take a few inconsiderate ones to tear it down. Just like the few radical Islamists, the few radical racists, misogynists, and homophobic people are what’s going to make the news in our country and it’s what the world will see and judge us on. You have said Mr. Trump, that you don’t waste potential, but will the people that I and my community interact with everyday be able to realize there’s potential in us? Will we be looked over because we’re women, we’re a different color, from a different country, part of LGBTQA? There’s a difference between a president that can run the country, and a president that can represent the country, and a president that can do both.

In an ironic way, it might have taken you getting elected, just getting elected, to ‘make America great again.’ One of the greatest rights in our country is the freedom of speech, and the protests show citizens that are invested in their country, and acting upon their great American right. I will also exercise that right, if given the opportunity. I want to work together with other Americans and other countries – because we’re an increasingly global community – to build an ever better and safer world for myself, my friends, and future generations. I hope you are willing to work together with both the people who voted for you and those that still can’t trust you. Either way, as with any president, you will have to prove yourself to the American people.


someone worried about her friends more than anything else

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